Christian Tours of Israel

Christian Tours of Israel

Christian tours to Israel

Israel has a special religious significance for Christians, as it is the birthplace of Jesus and is where he lived out the vast majority of his life. Christian tours to Israel often focus on areas mentioned in the Bible and offer visitors a first-hand look at places of religious importance, with the ancient text acting as a guide.

The city of Nazareth is often hailed as the home town of Jesus and features a 37-mile Jesus Trail. This trail is often included on longer Christian tours of Israel. The Church of the Annunciation, which is believed to be the site where the archangel Gabriel informed Mary that she had been selected to be Jesus' mother, is another popular spot, as is St. Joseph's Church which marks the workshop location of Saint Joseph. Christian tours to Israel often stop at both churches.

Jerusalem is another important stop on the many Christian tours in Israel. The Last Supper was held in the Cenacle, right next to the tomb of King David. Golgotha, which was outside the city in the time of Jesus, now is believed to lie within its limits and is visited by nearly all Christian tours to Israel.

The Via Dolorosa, otherwise known as the Way of Grief or the Way of Sorrow, is located in the older section of Jerusalem. It follows the path Jesus took with his cross, on the way to be crucified. It is marked by nine stations of the cross, and many Christian tours of Israel follow the path each year. Four more stations of the cross are located inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is along the route. Many Christian tours to Israel stop here, as many faithful wish to walk to route Jesus took to be crucified.

Jesus' birthplace, Bethlehem, neighbors south Jerusalem and is another extremely popular destination on Christian tours of Israel. Each year thousands of Christian tours to Israel stop by the town, and the activity reaches its apex around Christmas time. The birth of Christ is celebrated on three different days, according to different religious sects.

The River Jordan marks the spot where Jesus was baptized and also where the Biblical Israelites crossed over their Promised Land. Areas in the northern portion of the waterway are kept clean specifically for baptisms, and many faithful on Christian tours of Israel flock to these sites to be baptized there.

Christian tour to Israel often follow the life and time of Jesus Christ - Nazareth, Tiberias and Bethlehem, in order to bring the Biblical stories to life. If you would like to walk the same paths as Jesus did in his life, Christian tours of Israel can offer you the experience of a lifetime.

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