Population    42000
   Ethnic composition    mostly Jewish
   Density    10/km2
   Mayor    Yossi Ben-David
   Museums    4
   Attractions    Countless
   Twin towns    Great Nick, New York
   Montpellier, France
   Montecatini, Italy
   Wuxi, China

Tiberias is the capital of the Lower Galilee and is situated 200 meters below the sea level. Herod Antipas, the son of Herod the great, is the founder of the city. Many events of Christian traditions took place here. Today the atmosphere of tranquility has been replaced by the noise of modern life. The hot mineral springs still popular as they were in Roman times. Water sports are another attraction as the mild winter temperatures make it possible to enjoy them. Good hotels, beaches are added to a visitor today.

Tiberias was the largest Jewish city in the Galilee Region for over eight centuries. The city is considered a favorite around the world, as well as Israeli vacation.

Tiberias There are so many available activities. There are walking tours visiting Turkish fortress, the tree of life, synagogue, the Scottish Compound and other points of interest. Many of them are free, if you go on the right day. You should also take the time to visit the HaKishon, one of the world's last ancient cobblestone streets. There, you will find the Amdur Fine Gallery, which offers up gorgeous modern art.

If you would like to view the churches in Tiberias, stop by the Church of Scotland, Saint Peter's Church and the Monastery of the Twelve Apostles for prayer and personal reflection.

If you're feeling a bit hungry, don't miss the fish market and falafel stands. The food is appetizing and clean.
Visitors should not be afraid of foreign diseases, the area has a reputation for cleanliness and wonderful food.
Museums of Tiberias:
  • Dona Gracia Museum
  • Scottish Hotel Visitors Center
  • Beit Igal Allon
  • Kineret Museum

Attractions of Tiberias:
  • Archaeological Park
  • Igal Allon Promenade
  • Jewish Court
  • and many more...
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