Population    over 890 000 ppl.
   Ethnic composition     Jewish – 62%                    
    Muslim – 35%
    Christian – 2%
    Others – 1%
Density     125/km2
Mayor     Nir Barkat
Museums     34
Historic Sites     countless
Twin towns    - New York, USA
   - Prague, Czech Republic
   - Ayabe, Japan
   - Fez, Morocco

 So much has been written and said about Jerusalem, but still there are more things to be said. In any religion holiness is defined by a place, but it’s not realized by human mind at once – only when certain events take place. A parallel can be drawn of holiness to foundation of a building. It’s very important to find geographical factors. They influence on historical events which together with legends stick each other by concrete traditions. Crucial turning points make a deep memory in human consciousness – they impart stability to building’s structure. The deeper and stronger the foundation, so is more significant the visible part of the building. Its strength influences on new foundations. So, thanks to depth of holiness of Jerusalem, the city has become the creator of the world history.

Being a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims worldwide, Jerusalem has had a long and contentious history. The area where the city lies now is believed to have been inhabited as long ago as 4500 BCE and was first recorded as Rusalimum in 2000 BCE in the Middle Kingdom Egyptian Execration Texts. Over the next 4000 years the city was completely destroyed twice, kept under siege on 23 occasions, and was captured and recaptured no less than 96 times.
This way or another, people of various countries, religions and nationalities pronounce the word "Jerusalem" with tremble and special feeling, since Jerusalem has over 70 names each expressing love and commitment for peace of people worldwide. Jerusalem cannot be compared to a common city where people live, work, start families, although this is what one thinks when in Jerusalem. This city is the most mysterious place in our world.
Jerusalem captivated your imagination, it fascinates, attracts and makes you fall in love with it from the 1st sight. All you need to do to ensure this is to come here only once – and you will come back to Jerusalem again and again. This is because you not only see Jerusalem – you feel the rare energies of one of the oldest cities on Earth and sense its rich and multifaceted history.
The city is home to over 800 thousand people from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. Religiously, 62 percent of the population is Jewish, 35 percent is Muslim and 2 percent is Christian. Only a tiny percentage of the population does not adhere to an Abrahamic religion.
Modern Jerusalem surrounds the Old City. Here you can find most significant and picturesque sites and attractions of Jerusalem. The Old City is surrounded by walls and divided into 4 quarters – Jewish, Arab, Armenian and Christian.

The main attractions of Jerusalem are primarily based in culture and religion. The Israel Museum, which houses some of the first artworks known to man among other priceless artifacts, draws over one million visitors a year. On the grounds of the museum stands an urn-shaped structure that houses the Dead Sea Scrolls and other objects of deep religious significance. Other museums worth visiting are:
* Rockefeller Archaeological Museum
* the City of David
* L.A. Mayer Institute for Islamic Art
* Yad Vashem
* and many more
Jerusalem is also the venue of various festivals, among which there are:
* Poetry Festival
* Jewish Films Festival
* Jerusalem Day
* Jerusalem Light Festival
* Jerusalem Arts Festival
* Eco Tourism Weekend
* and many more.
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