Population    46000
   Ethnic composition    Jewish – 65%
   Arab - 35%
   Mayor    Ron Huldai
   Attractions    countless
   Twin towns     - New York, USA
   - Ottawa, Canada
   - Philadelphia, USA
   - Cologne, Germany
   - and many more

Jaffa has never been one of the holy traditional cities of Jewish nation. It used to be an ancient Canaanite city and port through the Bible times – Solomon imported cedars from Lebanon to build the Temple in Jerusalem. However, the turning point occurred when in early 19th century rich Turkish Jew opened a small hotel to host Jewish pilgrims - the year was 1820. Nowadays, Jaffa and Tel Aviv are united into a single municipality.

Jaffa, sometimes stylized as Yaffa, is the old section of Tel Aviv. This port city was reportedly named after Japeth, one of Noah's sons, and features prominently in the Biblical stories of King Solomon, Jonah and St.Peter. Although the city has been active since early antiquity, restoration efforts in the 90's have preserved the old section as a tourist attraction.

The local population, like in many other cities and towns throughout Israel, is composed of Christians, Jews and Muslims. Ethnically, the population is primarily Jewish and Arabic. Although Jaffa is considered part of Tel Aviv it contains about 46 thousand residents.

While Jaffa may not have the glitz, glamour and nightlife of downtown Tel Aviv, it does offer plenty to do and see. The Clock Tower, built in 1909, is one of its most popular spots. For archaeology buffs, Jaffa Hill is over 3500 years old and includes the restored Egyptian gates. There is also an archaeology museum with priceless artifacts of the town's long history.

Those who are hoping to continue attending religious services during their stay have plenty of options in Yaffa. Lutheran, Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches are present, as are two ancient mosques for those of the Islamic faith. The town is laid back and lends itself to walking tours, as well. Visitors can browse the flea market or stroll along the port.

Other main attractions of Jaffa are:

* Yehuda Hayamit Bridge

* Abulafiya Bakery

* St.Peter's Church

* Ancient Saraya

* and more

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