Fares & Policies

Fares & Policies

Payment Policy

When you confirm your tour with Avitours, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit of $250—this deposit is non-refundable.  The initial deposit confirms your dates for touring and your cost for guiding and driving services (it does not guarantee your cost for hotel rooms or other services—these prices are only confirmed when payment for those services are made).  Approximately six weeks prior to your arrival, we will ask that you pay to us 50% of your total cost for services provided by Avitours here in Israel and your outstanding balance will be due at the conclusion of your touring.  Initial payment to us can be made by bank wire transfer or by credit card.  When paying by credit card, there is a fee added to every charge of 2.75% for the use of a Visa card and 3.50% for the use of a Mastercard.  Your outstanding balance can be paid either by credit card or in cash.
For clients who confirm services with less than six weeks to go before their arrival we will require a confirmation deposit of 50%, the first $250 of which is non-refundable.

Tipping your Guide/Driver

Tips are not included as a part of your guiding and driving fee.  Israel is a very tip-based economy and many professionals, including guides and drivers, rely on tips as an important part of their income.  As tips cannot be added to credit card charges in Israel, your tip to your staff must be paid separately to those individuals in cash.  Please be aware that the tipping here is generally between 15% and 25% of the cost of guiding/driving services.

Cancellation Policy

Your initial deposit of $250 is non-refundable, regardless of the reason for your cancellation.
If you need to cancel your tour here for any reason and you give us written notice that is at least two weeks prior to your arrival date in Israel, there will be no additional  cancellation fee.  Between seven and thirteen days prior to your arrival date, you will forfeit one night’s cost at each hotel and 25% of your driving/guiding fees as well as your initial deposit fee of $250.  Six days to forty eight hours in advance, you will forfeit 50% of your total cost (total cost includes:  guiding and driving, all transportation booked by Avitours, hotel rooms, entrance fees prepaid by Avitours, and any other services booked by Avitours including but not limited to party arrangements, special dinners, etc) plus your initial $250 deposit and less than 48 hours in advance there will be no refund.

Some large touring groups may have separate contractual arrangements with Avitours and hence their cancellation schedule and fees can differ from those specified above.  When booking with Avitours, please be aware that separate contractual arrangements supersede our basic cancellation policy.
We encourage all of our clients to obtain travel insurance since so many different kinds of problems can come up that can interfere with your plans. Please see our link to travel insurance found in the left hand margin on our home page.

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