Luxury Israel Tours

Luxury Israel Tours

You flew over Tel Aviv coming in, landed at the airport named for Israel’s colorful first Prime Minister, and made your way through customs and the typically-Israeli jostling to get your luggage. Now is when your tour really begins.

luxury tours of Israel: Your driver will meet you at the airport, taking you to the hotel to freshen up, or if you’re up to it, the first leg of your trip. Sit back and relax in one of our luxurious vehicles, sipping on cool, sparkling water from Israel’s natural springs. Feel the warmth of Israel’s sun, the same warmth felt by our ancestors 3,000 years ago when they came to Israel, and again almost 150 years ago when Israel was rebuilt.

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In the morning, take a helicopter ride over the Dead Sea, and then a 4X4 off-road trek through the Judean Desert.
In the afternoon, a short hike or some horse riding followed by a wine tasting in one of Israel’s exclusive boutique wineries.
Evening comes, and your day of touring, led by top English-speaking tour guides, is complete. Retire to your hotel for drinks and refreshments, or walk the amazing streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, breathing in Israel and never forgetting the smell. Dine in the small restaurant in Jerusalem’s Ben-Yehuda marketplace, taste the best hummus on a side street in Jaffa, or enjoy a 5-star meal in one of Israel’s many fine, award-winning restaurants, eating food prepared by world-class chefs.

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Avitours and luxury go hand in hand, and the tour you book with us will go beyond even your wildest dreams and expectations. We will take care of your every need, concern, worry and desire, and will give you the best and most luxurious Israeli experience available.  

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