Family Tours to the Dead Sea

Family Tours to the Dead Sea

Family Tours to the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea, is a unique natural phenomenon and the lowest point of land on our planet. Together with all that the Dead Sea is an amazingly beautiful place with mystical history and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you come to Israel as a tourist or plan to make your aliah, the Dead Sea is a must-see place.

Having a family tour to the Dead Sea you will undoubtedly love its comfortable hotels, terrific spas, therapeutic effect of the sea water and world-famous sea salt. In case you take a family tour to the Dead Sea as one of the sites in your highlights tour over Israel, you should take into account that due to many sites and points of interest which can be found here it is better to stay for at least 1 day in this area. 

The whole landscape of the Dead Sea is full of the remnants and ruins of magnificent palaces, forts, synagogues, mosques and monasteries. Together with that, this region is a kind of large nature reserve with unique geological formations and is home to various animals, birds and plants – so in case you are having your family tour to the Dead Sea with kids, they won't get bored.

The Dead Sea region offers you a number of magnificent viewpoints – Amir viewpoint, Nahal Zohar viepoint, Mizpeh Naama and of course Mount Sodom viewpoint with its famous pillar called Lot's wife which refers to a well-known biblical story on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Local nature reserves – Ein Gedi and Ein Tzukim – offer you several opportunities for walking tracks with different durations – challenging tracks for experiences travelers as well as tracks for families with kids. Ein Gedi has several more attractions to visit – its amazing botanical garden located in Kibbutz Ein Gedi with its rich collection of rare plants from all over the world as well as the cactus farm which your kids are going to like most!

Depending on the time of the year you plan to have your family tour to the Dead Sea, you can enjoy Masada Sound and Light Show presented at Masada Fortress (conducted April till October on Tuesdays and Thursdays) as well as the famous Dead Sea and Jerusalem Opera Festival (usually conducted in June)

No matter how long your family tour to the Dead Sea takes, in case you come here with kids they will have so much thing to see and to try on their own - horse-back riding, art and pottery studio, cooking and baking workshops, handmade workshops and what not!

The Dead Sea is the only place in the world where everything can be found at the same place and the same instance: hot weather all year round, oxygen-enriched air, therapeutic ultraviolet solar radiation, mineral-rich sea salt and mud, thermo-mineral hot springs, luxurious spas and of course a large number of historic places and attractions for visitors of all ages.

Planning your family tour to the Dead Sea,  do not hesitate to contact Avitours – and we will compose an individual tour which suits your needs and preferences best.  

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