Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of tours you offer?
Avitours suggests to its' guests a wide range of tours among which there are special tours for cruise-based tourists who arrive to Israeli ports In Haifa and Ashdod, Bar and Bat Mitzvah tours, VIP tours, Family tours, Christian Heritage tours, Adventure tours and many more. 
  • Is there an opportunity for individual tours?
Of course there is such an opportunity. You can choose any of the offered tours in Israel so that we could organize it for you as individual tour.

How do I book a tour? How far in advance should I do it?

Booking of tours is possible by using Avitours email - When you send us your name and a request, company’s agents will get in touch with you. It’s important to know what you look for. By applying to us, write down the following data: your name/s, age, dates of a planned tour, preferences, a level of hotels. This info will enable us make you a tour that is right for you.

What is the price range of your tours?

There isn’t a definite answer as prices vary. Since we deal with every tour by individual approach, in depends on your wishes, interest and desires. Our goal is to plan such a tour where a lot is seen, time on driving spent as less as possible, so you learn about Israel as much as possible.

How is  a regular tour day scheduled?

In our opinion, the ideal is a combination of an organized tour and a flexible one. On the one hand, museums, institutions, national parks and recreational activities are limited to a working day hours. On the other hand, a chance to decide where on a schedule to spend more/less time enables you to enjoy and experience Israel on your own pace. Undoubtedly, a private tour is with more advantages. 

Can you help me with the visa and travel insurance?

As a rule, travel agencies don’t deal with these arrangements. Visa and travel insurance are supposed to be taken care of in the country you come from. Visa depends on Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as for insurance it’s advisable to have one which covers medical treatment if/when necessary to apply to a hospital.

What is not included in the tours?

.Entrance fees, hotel rooms (except for breakfast, it’s included in the price of hotel rooms), the tip to a driver/guide, personal extracts, lunches and dinners.

What kind of hotels you offer?

Avitours provides different levels of hotels – 5*, 4*, 3*. It depends on your budget you are ready to spend/afford. Let us know what your needs are/what you are accustomed to – we will help make the best choice of hotels.

Are there any weather related recommendations?

For a small country as Israel the climate is very diverse, changes rapidly. It’s in the intersection of Mediterranean climate from the north and desert conditions from the south. In addition, topography is characterized by high and low mountains along with valleys in short distances. These conditions make Israeli winter (November, December, January, February) cold and rainy – warm clothes, umbrellas and closed shoes are a must. The rest of the month it’s hot, long, dry summer with high temperatures – drinking a lot of water is a must. These factors are crucial in planning tours because certain activities will be more and less encouraged and offered. 

Can you arrange a trip to Jordan or Egypt during my stay in Israel?

Tours to Jordan can be arranged during your stay in Israel. However, the company’s preference to inform us beforehand, while the itinerary is discussed. As for Egypt, political situation isn’t stable at all there to vouch for tourists’ safety from both sides of the border.

Do you have standard touring programs? Is it possible to change the program along the way?

This term is quite difficult to define. Individual interests are involved as well as weather condition. However, we plan tours which include different aspects of Israel (history, fun, local food, nature).  

What are the terms of payment?

When Avitours and a client/ a tourist come to final agreement regarding the itinerary of a tour and hotel, it’s a stage of confirming a tour with the company by paying 10% of the total cost (this is non-refundable). The second deposit is of 50% of a total cost will be due one month prior to arrival, with the balance payable at the end of a tour. 

I have a chronic disease. Can you help me with medical care if needed?

Yes, it’s possible to get a very good medical care. Medicine in Israel is on a high level with advanced equipment, but very expansive for those who don’t live in Israel. As it was mentioned in question 6, it’s important to obtain the right insurance the country you come from.

Should I take adapters for chargers and electronic devices?

If your electrical devices are more or less than V220, you should bring adapter/s.

Is there an option for laundry services?

The hotels you will stay in have laundry services.

What if I am forced to cancel a booked tour? What is your cancellation policy?

Your initial deposit of 25o/o of your trip is non-refundable, regardless of the reason for your cancellation.
lf you need to cancel your tour here for any reason and you give us written notice that is at least two weeks prior to your arrival date in lsrael, there will be no additional cancellation fee. Between seven and thirteen days prior to your arrival date, you will forfeit one night's cost at each hotel and 25o/o of your driving/guiding fees as well as your initial deposit fee of $ZSO. Six days to forty eight hours in advance, you will forfeit 50% of your total cost (total cost includes: guiding and driving, all transportation booked by Avitours, hotel rooms, entrance fees prepaid by Avitours, and any other services booked by Avitours including but not limited to party arrangements, special dinners, etc) plus your initial $250 deposit and less than 48 hours in advance there will be no refund. Some large touring groups may have separate contractual arrangements with Avitours and hence their cancellation schedule and fees can differ from those specified above.

When booking with Avitours, please be aware that separate contractual arrangements supersede our basic cancellation policy.
We encourage all of our clients to obtain travel insurance since so many different kinds of problems can come up that can interfere with your plans. 

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